Circular economy - a global industry of the future

About us

Smålands Metal & Recycling AB is a service company in the recycling industry.
We collect and recycle iron and scrap metal from the manufactering industry.
We are happy to take a holistic approach to recycling at your company.

Our facility

From our facility located just south of Skillingaryd, we cover all of south Sweden. Through our partners in Germany, we also sell scrap and metal materials to Europe and Asia. We have am industry experience of 25 years, and we have long-standing sales channels both in Sweden and internationally.

Environmentally oriented activities

Smålands Metal & Recycling AB was founded 15 years ago and our facility is continually evolving towards an even more sustainable and effective method of recycling metal. We are working constantly with reducing emissions and for a more renewable and more environmentally oriented operation.

We warmly welcome your request.

Circular economy

In a circular economy, you recycle and reuse as much as possible.

The worlds resources are under pressure from the constantly increasing and purchase-demanding world population. A transition to a circular economy is necessary in order to save resources and reduce climate changes for coming generations.

Metal fits this especially well as there is a large lack of metals globally.

The production of metals requires large amounts of energy. Reusing aluminum, for example, saves up to 95%.

Smålands Metal & Recycling is a part of the global circular economy and is a environmentally friendly and long-term company in the recycling industry.

Our values

Smålands Metal & Recycling AB works effectively, sustainably and long-term. We have a long and solid experience and knowledge in the industry.

We take responsibility for our sales to follow the rules and laws that exist both locally and globally. We keep an economy in balance. Our suppliers and customers should feel safe that we are conducting a credible business.


We actively work towards a better world

The proportion of energy based on fossil fuels in the world is about 80 percent and this is one of the biggest reasons for climate change. The world must distance itself from fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy system. That is why we are investing in more renewable energy sources such as a solar cell park on our facility.

We are working towards:

– By 2030 significantly increasing the share of renewable energy.

– By 2030 double the energy effectivity in our facility.

– By 2030 strengthen the international cooperation to facilitate access to research and technology within clean energy. This includes renewable energy, energy effectivity, and  to promote investment in infrastructure and clean energy production.

– By 2030 expand the infrastructure and upgrade technology to be able to deliver modern and sustainable energy services to everybody in developing countries,  in particular the least developed countries and developing island nations

We are working towards sub-goal 9.4

In socities that have a positive development, a stabile infrastructure is very important. We must have a more sustainable industry and infrastructure so we can make it easier to take care of future problems.

New ideas and technological development is the base for sustainable social, economical and ecological solutions. In this way, new markets and new jobs are created that contribute to an effective and equal use of resources. Sustainable industry, research and technology is important for a sustainable development.

We are working towards global goal 13

Climate change is a real and undeniable threat to our entire civilization. Emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise and as a consquence we risk reaching an average global warming that exceeds two degrees, which would have serious consquences for the ecosystem, ocean acidification, human safety, food production, water supply, health and brings an increased risk of natural disasters.

We are investing in a new machine park, innovative and climate-adjusted recycling machines and renewable energy to adapt our facility to global goal number 13.

Partially financed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency through Klimatklivet​